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Continues a top position amongst in video production company in bangladesh

Pick out your need from our indexed services. We are right here to be just right for you & Provide you the best in satisfying. We agree with in your great & carrier.

Our services:
  • OutDoor LED Screen Video:

LED Screen advertising video basically helps to take branding your Business, Product, Service, Company & Growth to the next Higher level which is basically video promote your products, contents & other services that your company operates.

  • Corporate video:

Corporate videos are connected you on your business attractive customer, clients or other audiences, through a way of telling historical past stories about your corporation, agency, products or services.

  • Promotional video:

    Promotional video helps to take(Benefit) your commercial industry to the higher level which promotes your Product or merchandise, contents & different services that your organization Operates.

Web video:
Lightroom creates an internet video that is the other stage of video promoting of your web site that you just wish to promote it through a surprising video which typically permits to grow audiences on your computing machine.
  • TVC: We are a transmission from script to video production of tv industrial inclusive of actor/actress, taking footage and piece of writing although you'll endorse North American country your content material thoughts for the period of our script work.
  • Motion Graphics Video:

Motion Graphics are sections of virtual footage or animation which creates the phantasm of movement or rotation, VJ loops, backgrounds, graphical overlays & we're offering you the services about any kind of higher motion graphical works.

  •  CGI:

CGI way animating gadgets that appear in a Three-dimensional space & turned around moved like real objects which we also covered as certainly one of our services.

  • Product Shot:

Product Shot video basically helps to take your Product to the next Higher level which is basically video promote of your products. Nowadays the eCommerce market is the famous reason for Product Shoot.

  • Viral Video:

We Make Powerful Content & storytelling to create a strong emotional, Touching Video Which normally helps to take your business to the next Higher level promote of your Company/Product to connection undertake outreach to target.

  • Animation Video:

We Provide 2D, 3D Animation Video With White Board, Compositing, Visual result & Pretext, Color Grading.

We have collaborated with prime brands & production contemplative across the globe on a range of homes that needed ground-breaking animation for company Videos/Films FX, Explainer Videos, TV animation shows

  • Visible results:

Visible effects (abbreviated vfx) are the method by way of which painting is created, Manipulated out of doors, the context of a live motion shot that's our one among our services, that's you may accept as true.


Our Process of Video Production:

Our Equipment:

DSLR Camera With Professional Video Grapher, Professional Artist, Shooting Room, Targets to the fixed lens (Long shot & Close Short) Every one of the headings has a smooth speed so the trolley dolly. Audio microphones non-noise Scene lights, headlamps, reflectors.
How we work & Periods of work:
The work takes as- The concept of a Storyboard to be submitted to Customer. The concept of the text on the basis of the storyboard created. Video footage of the company or of production cycles. Approval of the customer. Final delivery.
Duration: We’ll start by telling you when We're delivery.Maximum Time 2-4Days (TVC 15+days)


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